The website – online shop coolcarelab.com belongs to the private capital company under the name «COOL DATA P.C.», based in Nea Smyrni, 17, Pergamou street, TIN 801304799, Tax Office of Nea Smyrni, contact tel. +30 210 9319369 and e-mail: info@coolcarelab.com, hereinafter referred to as the Company.

The Company trades in cosmetics and injectable beauty products through its online shop coolcarelab.com (trading of goods by distance), complying with the legislative requirements.

The access, browsing and use of this website and online shop by any registered or unregistered user is governed by these terms of access and use.

The violation, in any way, of these terms, which are all agreed upon as essential, by the visitor-user, leads to the sanctions of the current legislation and the obligation of the user to compensate the Company or any third party for any damage due to the conduct of the user violating the law and these terms. In case of violation of these terms, in addition to its other legal rights, the Company may prohibit the user from using the online shop and delete their account without any notice.

Every visitor, user and / or customer of the online shop that operates on the website coolcarelab.com, by accessing, browsing and using this website in any way (such as, indicatively: registration, online ordering, browsing, transaction), fully accepts the terms of use and operation of the website, as well as that use thereof shall be made in accordance with the law. The unconditional acceptance of the above terms constitutes a prerequisite to access and use this website and is presumed without reservation from the use of the above website.

The registration of the user on this website constitutes an automatic unconditional acceptance of the terms of use and operation of the website, which you are kindly requested to carefully read and observe. Furthermore, any transaction with our online shop coolcarelab.com constitutes an automatic and unconditional acceptance of the terms of transactions in general.

The invalidity of any of the terms (on the use - operation of the website and transactions) shall not lead to the invalidity of the rest.

Upon concluding any form of contract with coolcarelab.com, the users - customers are obliged to accurately provide their complete and true information required for the conclusion of a valid contract with the shop, as well as a confirmed e-mail. The contract with the Company is considered concluded upon receipt of the order confirmation by a respective e-mail and completed after the full payment of the order and the delivery of the products. In any case, until full payment of the products, their ownership remains with the Company.

Shipping costs are borne by the customer unless otherwise stated on the website regarding purchases of a specific amount.


The persons concluding contracts with the online shop coolcarelab.com must meet the conditions set by law for their legal capacity, i.e. to be adults.

In particular, for the valid conclusion of a contract with our online shop for the purchase of our injectable products certified by the Greek National Organization for Medicines, the buyer must be included in the categories of professionals that this purchase is allowed to according to the National Organization for Medicines, such as beauticians, beauty salons, doctors etc., and be logged in using specific passwords.

The Company undertakes the delivery of the products within the European Union. In case the delivery has to be made in a country outside the European Union, there may be customs charges or problems in importing the products into the country. In these cases, the Company bears no responsibility and any relevant charge is borne by the customer.


The Company reserves the right to change the terms of use of this website, as well as the terms of transactions with the online shop in general, freely, unilaterally and without notice, within the context of the law, by making a relevant post on this website alone. The changes of the terms do not apply on orders confirmed by the Company prior to the changes.


For any issue related to your transactions with the online shop, the operation and use of the online shop and the terms of use that govern it, for any complaints, as well as for any other issue, you can contact customer service at +30 210 9319369 or by e-mail at info@coolcarelab.com.


The Company assures that it enables the consumers and users of the website to conduct secure transactions through the use of an electronic platform of cooperating credit institutions.

However, the User acknowledges that the internet is an open and publicly accessible means of communication. Users - customers of the company must keep their login password for the online shop, as well as the password of their credit card, secret, and not communicate them to any third party, as well as possess updated versions of protection software on the computers or mobile phones they use, so that the interception of their passwords may not be possible.


The Company is released from any liability towards the user or any third party, in case the user violates the terms of use of this website, provides untrue, inaccurate and incomplete information and data, engages in illegal conduct while browsing this website or improperly fulfills their statutory and / or contractual obligations.

Our Company shall bear no responsibility for deficiencies in product availability due to force majeure and due to reasons for which the Company is not at fault in general, as well as due to the incorrect indication of availability on the website.

The Company sells and delivers the goods in accordance with the statements of the producers or their representatives regarding their ingredients and properties and bears no further responsibility. In any case, the liability of the Company shall not exceed the value of the product.

The Company, since it is not a producer or representative of the products sold, shall not be liable for any damage from the use of ordered products, whether it concerns declared or undeclared side effects, allergies, lack of instructions, incorrect instructions for use, lack of information, product safety, defects in production or packaging etc.

The use - application of certain products may require the intervention of a health professional. The consumer must strictly follow the instructions for use of the product and the Company shall bear no responsibility for any damage resulting from non-compliance with the instructions for use.

In any case, any liability of the Company shall be limited to the obligation to replace the product, provided that the legislative requirements are met and the terms of the return policy of the Company are observed.

Regarding the products, the Company offers the information and any instructions provided by the producer.

Any errors regarding the availability and prices of the products do not oblige the Company to execute the respective order; it has to inform the customer about the correct availability and price though, in case they want to resubmit the order.

In the event that there are links (hyperlinks), frames, etc. on the website of the Company that lead to third party websites, the Company does not bear any responsibility for the content thereof.


The law applicable in the disputes that may arise from the transactional relations of the online shop, coolcarelab.com, is the Greek law, regardless of the place where the order was placed or delivered and the Courts agreed upon as competent are the Greek Courts, especially the Courts of Athens.

This text is available in Greek and English. In case of inconsistencies between them, the Greek text shall prevail.


The Company shall not be responsible for the poor condition of the delivered products, in case the products were delivered to the distribution - transport company (courier, post office) in a good condition and the problem arose during the transport, or for errors in delivery for which the distribution - transport company is at fault.


Product returns

Due to the nature of the products and their special storage conditions, returns shall only be accepted within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the product and exclusively in the following two cases:

a. the product has a manufacturing defect

b. or the wrong product has been shipped.

For the consumer to return the products, it is necessary that they possess the relevant purchase document proving the transaction (e.g. Retail Receipt, Sales Invoice / Shipping Receipt, etc.). The purchased products must be returned in their original condition accompanied by the relevant document (receipt - invoice) of sale.

In case of a defective product, the consumer can contact our Company to replace it. Our Company will replace the product in case the conditions are met. In case of product return, if the consumer explicitly wishes for it to be replaced, they will receive by e-mail a discount coupon code of equal value for the purchase of another product / other products, with which they can place a new order or simply replace the product returned.


The Company is the sole owner of the trademark and domain name “CoolCareLab” and it is forbidden to any third party to use it either as it is or in a modified state.

The Company is the sole owner of all texts, images, logos, designs, photographs found on this website, unless they belong to the companies producing or representing the products sold.