Leading Korean Brands in Cosmetics and Medical Supplies

MaxCore Global is a well-established Korean brand since 2010 that supplies medicines, functional cosmetics and medical devices from Japan and China to Taiwan and overseas market. They have participated in various Beauty Expositions, Fairs and Seminars, continually trying to analyze the market trend and master consumers’ needs and demands. Trust and Creativity is the company’s motto and this reflects their willingness to develop better products differentiated with existing ones, bringing fresh ideas and opportunities to share with the market.

ISOV is a Korean brand, developed by a professional team since 2000, based on countless clinical experience, actively expanding to overseas market. Meaning “I Love Healthy Skin”, the company adheres to the principle of creating beautiful and healthy women, focusing on developing new technologies and producing safe and effective cosmetics with exclusive patent ingredients. They are produced with sincerity, using a natural essence plant formula and a cutting-edge medical scientific research technology, so as to create an intact result.

Novepharma Inc. was established in 2017 as an anti–aging leading company with excellent technical skill and products for elderly society.

Brand “HERMOSA” is an anti-aging specialty brand of Novepharma Inc. which includes products such as cosmetics, medical devices, medicines and health functional foods. Based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid, they ensure an excellent long-lasting effect, always complying with the international quality regulations.

S.Thepharm Co., Ltd. is a South Korean company, which has a unique technology in the field of stem cell therapy. It was established in 2016 to provide one-stop solution for anti-aging cosmetic products. As a leading company in the beauty cosmetics market, they tend to grasp the needs of beauty market and create new trends, while contributing to the improvement of people’s quality of life.

“QT Fill Plus” is their brand line of dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid that increases elasticity and offers high biocompatibility, providing patients with quick and long-lasting results.