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Cool Care Lab- We are serving beauty 24/7!

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Cool Care Lab- We are serving beauty 24/7!

Our company is an official distributor in the aesthetic medicine and cosmetic industry, based in Athens, Greece. The main principle of Cool Care is the supply of quality products, having as an ultimate goal to offer innovative solutions in dermal fillers, medical equipment and cosmetics.

Our mission is to discover new formulas and qualitative products in a worldwide extent, perform quality check and supply them in competitive prices to the European market.

Our vision is to establish a leadership in the distribution of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic products in Europe, always serving our customers with the highest of the standards.

We only offer authentic products, officially certified for their quality and design, produced mainly in South Korea.

As for our cosmetics, these are totally available to buy online by anyone interested. The injectable medical devices are only for professional use, either by doctors or clinics and cosmetologists. So before placing an order, we will have to identify your professional profile.

“We are here to provide you with the desired beauty product in the most personalized and fast-service way”. – Cool Care Lab