Rediscover Vitality with Korea Eundan Pure Red Ginseng

Pure Red Ginseng Food Supplemet
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30 packs x 3000mg

Indication : Consume 1 sachet once a day

Contraindication : None

Precautions :

 > Please be cautious as you can be injured by packing material.

> If you are allergic to certain ingredients, please check the ingredients before consumption.

> If the product is going bad or decolored, you should not take it and please contact consumer’s office.

> If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use.

> Please consume as soon as possible after opening.

 >Do not heat the sachet in the microwave.

>If the container is deformed, expanded, damaged, or deteriorated, do not consume it and replace it at the place of purchase.

Active ingredients : Red Ginseng

Storage condition : Keep it sealed in cool and dry place at temperature below 30˚C, and avoid excessive heat or moisture.

Product Description

Korea Eundan Pure Red Ginseng -  30 Packets x 3,000mg

Fight burnout with Ginseng - How many of us feel like it's so hard to get through the day? Maybe you have tried caffeine capsules or an energy drink to fight fatigue? Don't let fatigue and burnout get the best of you, fight back with Korea Eundan Pure Red Ginseng! This panax ginseng root stick provides a sustained energy boost and helps to keep your immunity system strong and healthy.
Korean Red Ginseng - The health benefits of Korean Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) have long been known and well studied by a wide range of medical and herbal experts. It helps to support stress, boost the immune system, support overall mood and brain function for memory & focus, increase blood circulation, help boost nitric oxide and enhance blood flow and increase energy. Unleash your potential with this all natural energy booster!
Daily Pre-Worout Energy Boost Stick - Everytime ginseng liquid stick is the perfect daily natural energy booster to help you feel energized, alert, and ready to take on the day and to push your exercise to the next level! It comes in individually packaged sticks for easy consumption and portability and the convenience of portability makes it even easier to meet your recommended intake. Each stick pack contains the recommended does (3,000 mg) of Korean Red Ginseng Extract.
6-Years-Grown-Ginseng LIKE A FINE WINE - 6 years old red ginseng is the best optimized time to harvest a ginseng root for the maximum amount of ginsenosides. 6 years ginseng leads to an increase in the effective benefits of the root. Younger ginseng roots will not contain the maximum amount of ginsenosides than 6 years ginseng roots. There are several benefits that korean ginseng is known for from boosting stamina to calming nerves and detoxifying the body.


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