Korean Night & Peel Cream for Moisturizing and Exfoliating

Peeling cream
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Volume: 50ml

Smart sleep Peeling Cream


Professional Korean Cosmetic Product


Detailed description
Night & Peel Cream 50ml

The MAGIC of the skin begins when everyone is asleep! Just by applying this peeling cream and sleeping, the skin is cleaned and moistened by the filling of natural fruit extracts.

48 HOURS UP - Peeling UP! Moisturizing UP!

Night & Peel Cream maintains heallthy skin through the skin turnover process and increases cell regeneration rate by 20%!!

Natural AHAs from fruits remove dead skin cells and soften skin. This natural resource of the TOP ORGANIC-7 comes from selery, cabbage, brown rice, tomato, turnip leaf, carrot and broccoli.


Product specifications
  • Exfoliation of dead skin
  • Metabolic facilitation
  • Clear & transparent skin

  • Organic-7 AHAs
  • Bilberry Fruit Extract
  • Orange Fruit Extract
  • Lemon Fruit Extract
  • Sugar Cane Extract
  • Sugar Maple Extract

How to use

STEP 1- After cleansing with O2 Snow Bubble Activator, apply toner and serum, takeout 2 pills of Night & Peel cream.
STEP 2- Roll gently from forehead-nose-cheek and massage on face to absorb.
Use Night & Peel cream evenly on face and neck every night. It is more effective if you use regeneration cream. Wash your face the next morning and make sure to apply sunscreen before going out.

Use it everyday for 15 days. After 15 days of use, extend the period of use depending on your skin’s need. For sensitive skin, apply once every two days.

Applicable skin type
  • All skin type (Dark, Aging, Trouble, Sensitive, Dry, Excess, Rough)





1. Instructions: Korean Night & Peel Cream for Moisturizing and Exfoliating

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